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The Benefits of
Alkaline Water

Water is Essential

With around 70% of the human body being water, it is essential that we keep our bodies hydrated, and more importantly hydrated with the healthiest water available.

What is Alkaline Water?

Simply put, alkaline water is plain water that has gone through the process of electrolysis, or ionization. (Alkaline water is sometimes referred to as ionized water). During this process, the water is split into two streams — alkaline water and acid water.

Before going through this process, ordinary tap water has a neutral pH. The actual pH of your tap water will vary depending on your location. To find out the condition of your local water supply, you should consult your water supplier.

During ionization, water is split into acid and alkaline streams. In the case of a water ionizer, the alkaline stream is dispensed and the acid stream is discarded, (or if you chose to dispense acid water, then the alkaline water is discarded).

Another important property of alkaline water is micro-clustering. Tap water tends to come in large clusters of 10 to 13 molecules. Ionization breaks up these clusters into smaller groups called micro clusters. These tiny clusters permeate through cell walls faster, resulting in quicker hydration as well as easy solubility.

Alkaline water is not a chemical, nor does it have any added to it. Alkaline water is simply water with smaller molecules and a higher pH.

Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant.

Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE Oxidation-reduction potential (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high or rising ORP causes oxidation and therefore aging.

The negative ORP of Ionized Water Literally retards the aging process by counteracting this rising ORP. Ionized Water essentially renews us at a cellular level. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth, as incredible as that may sound.

For instance, real fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of – 250. Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much Ionized Water as we wish to a day. Many people drink as much as five litres of Ionized Water per day.

Ionized Water’s other Antioxidant property that also provides the body with lots of oxygen is hydroxyl ions.

These are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached to them as are all antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Hydroxyl ions scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage to us. Once the hydroxyl antioxidant and free radical have cancelled each other, the result is that the body is provided with lots of oxygen and therefore lots of energy. Oxygen is one of the most exhausted nutrients in our body because of our diet and the Earth’s oxygen-depleted environment today. Oxygen destroys cancer cells as well as bacteria and viruses invading the body. It carries away acid waste from body tissue. It is vital to human health, perhaps our most important nutrient. A glass of strong Ionized Water first thing in the morning naturally helps you to wake up.

To get the full benefits of Ionized Water, it must be consumed straight out of the tap.

Your ionized water will contain hundreds of thousands of tiny bubbles when it comes out of the ionizer. Those bubbles (hydroxyl ions) are the reason for the Negative ORP. ORP is the most fragile aspect of ionized water, lasting only a maximum of 24 hours, which is why it is important to consume ionized water as soon as it comes out of the ionizer.

Ionized water is alkaline.

The human body tends to be acidic because our diet is comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods. Colas are the most acidic substance a person can put into their body with a pH of around 2.5. The ideal pH level in our body should be around 7.1-7.5 (slightly alkaline). It is important to understand that a drop in every point on the pH scale is 10x more acidic than the previous number (from 7 to 6 would be 10x more acidic, from 7-5 would be 100x more acidic Etc.). Therefore from 7-2.5 would mean that our body is now 50,000x more acidic. This acidic condition is not favourable.

Ionized water is as much as 6x more hydrating than tap water.

Water makes up around 70% of our bodies. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from other waters (tap, bottled etc.). The process of ionization reduces the size of the water molecular cluster by two-thirds. The cluster of water molecules takes on a hexagonal shape when ionized. Smaller water clusters are more able to penetrate the cellular membranes, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. This allows the water cluster to be absorbed quickly and easily.

Lack of water can cause chronic cellular dehydration (or not providing the body with sufficient water), a condition, which leaves the body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defence. Most people simply do not drink enough water (at least one and a half litres per day) to keep us properly hydrated and therefore healthy.

Minerals, which are ionized, are more bio-available.

This means that the body can absorb ionized minerals much more efficiently and can therefore make use of them where they are needed throughout the body. Minerals are some of the most important nutrients the body needs, yet mineral deficiency is common. Drinking Ionized Water is an efficient and effective way for the body to absorb these minerals.

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